Emily Simmons' Rework is coming

27/12/2023 - 11:11

Scientist, member of the American anti-Nomad faction. She was sent to Kotrara Island as medical support, where she met and went on to cooperate with the Taimanin Task Force.

She believes that the pinnacle of science and technology is that which can be used by anyone, regardless of their talent. She is deeply interested in the superhuman and supernatural physical arts of the Taimanin, trying to scientifically investigate and analyze their functioning in order to use them in human technological development, although she rejects the very concept of the Taimanin for requiring innate qualities.

She has the talent of “photographic memory” that allows her to remember everything she has seen, and “parallel thinking” with which she can process multiple mental operations at the same time. She primarily provides logistical support, although with a robotic exoskeleton she is also capable of fighting to some extent.

Get ready for the rework to come!

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