New patch for AoE IV!

03/05/2022 - 13:25

With patch 14681, some changes arrive that have been carried out in function with user’s comments. To begin, changes in the size of the team play map have been asked for and this patch presents the option to select smaller maps or bigger ones in multiplayer mode. Also, specific maps have been adjusted so that they may be better for all types of multiplayer modes and skirmishes.

To maintain balance, it was already known that users wanted units that could attack stone construction walls…well now you can! Also, some adjustments are being made to the additional Chinese material and even though the balance changes for the Mongols are not ready for patch 14681, we are looking to focus their function so that they may not be as powerful in every situation and that they may have a more defined place in the unit system counter in a future patch.

If you want to discover all the details, I recommend you to read the full patch notes.

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