Fortune's Keep and New Caldera

21/06/2022 - 14:35

Mercenaries of Fortune will be another season of change for Call of Duty®: Warzone in an already action-packed year.

Once again, all Warzone studios have contributed greatly to this update, which will be released tomorrow, June 22nd.

Notable among them is High Moon Studios, who have collaborated on every Call of Duty® release on console and PC since 2013, and most recently helped create and maintain Caldera.

Kicking off this new season, the studio's map, Fortune's Keep, will be in Warzone as the featured Resurgence experience, splitting time with Rebirth Island to give tactically-minded operators a new battlefield to discover and dominate.

There will also be significant changes to Caldera: a reduction in foliage and visibility improvements, the reintroduction of a memorable point of interest in Storage Town, other point of interest updates and several new items, including the return of keycards for new bunkers. Here is what you need to know.

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