Introducing the Fremen

07/04/2022 - 13:50

The Fremen are the native inhabitants of Arrakis. Enraged by the imperial invadors, they put up a fierce and unsparing resistance. They are often underestimated, but their martial skills are well known by the few who have been lucky enough to survive an encounter with them. Throughout the 60 years of Harkonnen occupation, the Fremen have been a thorn in the baron’s side.

Their long term objective is to change the planet into a warm, lush planet, putting spice trade in danger. The Spice Wars are an opportunity to free the planet from the imperial oppression, an opportunity that the Fremen are excited to seize.

Liet Kynes, renowned planetologist of the Empire, based in Arrakis to study the spice cycle, is secretly leading an ecological Fremen project started by his father. His double loyalty has made him capable of traversing through both the confusing Fremen traditions and the impenetrable imperial administration. The Fremen have an almost religious admiration for Liet, as they believe he will lead them to a utopic Arrakis, free from both the imperium and water scarcity.

If you want to find out more details about the Fremen, enter here.

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