Cash in on Bonuses in Casino Story Missions, The Diamond Casino Heist, and More

24/11/2023 - 12:44

Fight against the Duggan family’s ambitions for taking over The Diamond Casino & Resort in Casino Story Missions to pocket Triple Rewards this week. Master Penthouse owners can access Casino Story Missions by visiting Ms. Baker’s office inside the Casino, or via the Jobs section of the Pause Menu (once they’ve all been completed).

Speaking of Ms. Baker, call her up to request Casino Work Missions and help The Diamond with client operations, asset recovery, and other assignments, also paying out 3X GTA$ and RP through November 29.

Meanwhile, casing the joint and cracking the vault in The Diamond Casino Heist is especially profitable this week, as chances of encountering valuable gemstones are boosted (doubly so for GTA+ Members). Successfully completing the Finale of The Diamond Casino Heist will also earn you The Diamond Strike Vest, as a bonus.

Discover all this and much more by entering here.

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