Colors of Rot is out!

16/12/2022 - 12:52

Much of the changes and additions done to the game are the result of the feedback we have received from you all post launch. So, thank you for anyone who has taken the team to share with us your thoughts, issues and frustrations with GRIME.

Colors of Rot is our gift to you.

New Content:

- A new, massive area.

- New Bosses.

- New Abilities.

- New Traits.

- New Enemies.

- New Weapons.

- New Music.

- New NPC interactions.

- A New Cinematic.

- Hidden backtracking challenges, as a reward for re-visiting previously explored areas.

- Refreshable Healing that can be collected from chasing runners.

- The ability to refight endgame variations of bosses after defeating the final boss.

- New Achievements.

Quality of life changes & Adjustments:

- Game optimization resulting in much better game performance & more graphical options to better control how the game runs.

- Reworked Minibosses: Grieving Rockgiant & Artisan of Flesh.

(Both bosses have felt somewhat underwhelming. Grieving being too much of a rehash of Harmless, now has all new attacks. Artisan will now teleport to melee attack you, giving you a chance to parry them as well.)

- You can now equip any weapon at any time, but with a major damage penalty.

(Being able to test weapon move sets before committing to their stat requirement has been one of the most highly requested changes. Done!)

- The Map now tracks your steps before finding the area Beacon.

(While we are not getting rid of the Beacon system, I've still wanted to look for a way to mitigate some of the frustrations of players who ended up getting lost for more than they should. The map will now track your steps without revealing the area, similarly to Code Vein.)

- The Warp ability has been moved to one of these new bosses, and can be gained around the mid game.

(Another highly requested change. The ability to Warp can now be gained far earlier into the game, depending on player exploration and skill.)

- Fall damage nerfed significantly across the various height tiers.

(While we can't rid of Fall damage all-together, it is too integral to the level design, we can mitigate it farther.)

- Added the option to increase NPC speech bubble text size.

(Especially useful for you Steamdeck players!)

- Alternative controls to Pull.

(No longer limited to use pull with Mouse alone. Can now aim using directional keys.)

- Garden enemies have been replaced with new types.

(The Flower Foe's have been one of the most frustrating mob enemies in the game. They've been reduced in numbers and tweaked to make Garden less intense than The Carven Palace.)

- Large shell lurker drop rate significantly increased for bloodmetal Chunks.

(If you're going to farm, may as well make it less tedious.)

- Climbing and platforming feel has been tightened up.

- Heavy weapons Force cost reduction.

- Added arrow indicators to the pullable moving platforms in Carven Palace, to better indicate which direction they can be pulled to.


- Slow & Very Slow weapons buffed with lower Force costs.

- Fledgling Yr and Tonguebrute traits have been nerfed.

- Bloodmetal Scythe air special damage nerfed.

- Minor Nerf to Chisel Nails Duration and Higher Force Cost for the special.

- Piercer Trait changed and replaced with a new DLC enemy type.

- Slight increase to Force regen.


We have better news, this DLC won't be our last!

The next DLC in the works will be our very ambitious NG+ mode. It will rework and modify ALL of the enemies and ALL of the bosses in the game, as well as add bunch of new content.

This will be New Game+ Like no other.

Stay tuned!

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