Be afraid of Testament!

23/03/2022 - 17:10

Testament was a secret character and assistant boss in both Guilty Gear: The Missing Link and Guilty Gear, although he later became a selectable character from the beginning. A suffering soul transformed in Gear, Testament suffers for the murders committed when he was controlled by Justice.

With a gothic design and aura, Testament is another character that bases their potential on invocations, whether that be from their family or other beasts. He is generally considered an effective character in the saga, thanks to his good reach and variety of movements. Without being difficult to control, he requires a certain previous knowledge of his movements to be able to properly use his different skills, as once completely dominated they allow him to put pressure on different rivals.

Now Testament is coming to Guilty Gear – Strive-!

Here is the character guide to find out all of his movements: 

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