Patch notes | V 2.0 Build 190

24/11/2020 - 17:40

Greetings, fighters!

Here are the notes of the latest version of HeroVersus:

- Added universal grab: hold tap on the screen to perform it.
- Added over 80 new unique character-specific items in survival mode. Some items change the characters move-list, making creative combos possible — test them out in survival test mode before heading to the fight.
- Added menu music/sound
- Lilith is now available
- Revised tutorials for easier understanding. After-fight tips are now linked to unfinished tutorials.
- Link to character move-list added to the main screen.
- Reworked arcade mode. Now supports 2 players with up to 2 joysticks on the same device.
- Vastly improved performance.
- Reduced heat and battery drain.
- Fixed the truncating/overflowing of some text boxes for some Languages.
- Fixed the music looping problem.



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