Patchnotes V 1.05.145

16/07/2020 - 16:25

PC version:

-pc version will now have all the mobile features except the chat screen.

- you can link your mobile app to your PC account and both devices will have the same account.

(When linking the accounts, your currency will be transferred to your PC account.)

-Known issue: the controllers are supported in-game but cannot control the UI elements yet

Mobile Version:

-New: Mobile version is now able to link to the PC version in a Companion Mode (handle messaging, etc.)

  (Scan QR code from PC version)

-New: you can now player search and add player to your conversation/private messaging list

-New: you can now create friend group chats from your conversation list & then search and add players to your group

-New: you can now create private match invitations in group chat, and match result sent in the group

-New: after a group match, if a replay is uploaded, that replay will be shared in the group for members to watch

-New: Free Trial on the initial characters

-New: story characters can also be unlocked via gold

-New: Free Skin Trial items available as survival mode items

-New: Skill CD will recover to full stock instead of one by one (This WILL create some balance issues. Please provide feedback so that we may better adjust the mechanic)

-Improved: input recognition is enhanced to allow for more fluid and responsive controls

-Improved: performance optimization

-Improved: ask for permission to camera & mic will only when used by the app's features directly

-Improved: continuing to add translations

-Improved: default DLC packages are now included in the build

-Fixed: When multiple devices with the same account goes online, main account will take control, and another device will be forced in Companion Mode.

-Fixed: Some cases where android QR code is scanner is not initialized properly

-Fixed: Account recovery logic to prevent unnecessary "sign in" errors

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