V1.565.0 Patch Notes

19/03/2021 - 11:30

- Main mission reward claim button won't be able to spammed to get the reward multiple times anymore.
- Kalekol spawn points fixed. No more spawning on the enemy team base.
- Missing team score on end game scoreboard fixed.
- Clan names on your friend list cards will be visible again.
- Fixed an issue preventing clan matches to start.
- Sabotaj Point (SP) text on in game scoreboard aligned to column to avoid text overflow.
- Loading screen misinformation for ranked games fixed.
- From now on normal games will also have chance to drop Ranked Case at the end of the game to one of the players on winning team (top 3 players for FFA mode). There must be 6 or more players and the game must end either by score or time for this chance to taken into consideration.
- Some of the spectators bug fixed.
- Some of the TPP animations updated.
- Movement acceleration / deceleration no longer increases weapon accuracy.
- Improved memory usage for character and weapons.
- Fixed some lag spike issues.
- Improved audio engine to be around 20% more CPU efficient.


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