Get ready to enjoy the Season of Worlds!

13/11/2023 - 11:35

The Season of Worlds Battle Pass is all about the road to the Season X SMITE World Championship!

The World Champions Pass includes the new Rainbow Warrior Ix Chel and the Season 9 World Champions skin, Camelot's King Maui. Additionally, all eight SPL team skins will be included in a new Esports chest that can be found in both the free and premium tracks of the Battle Pass.

These chests are "Pick" chests so you can choose which teams to represent as you progress! If you already own any of the above SPL team skins, you will receive 25 gems. Advance through the pass to unlock all 10 skins, a divine chest, a battle skin chest, 400 gems, and more! Discover all the information by entering here.

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