Let's get to know Surtr

18/01/2023 - 12:21

Surtr is a very important Jotunn in Norse mythology. He protects the kingdom of Muspelheim (or Muspel), a primordial kingdom of fire and home to the fire giants.

Surtr plays a key role in Ragnarök, where he led the fire giants into battle against the Aesir, shattered the bifrost, killed Freyr, and then engulfed the world (Midgard) in flames.

For SMITE's monumental 10th anniversary, it was obvious that a special god was needed to celebrate it properly. A god who embodied the traditional mythology of SMITE's main pantheons and would have a deeper meaning for SMITE players in the long run.

One character has been the focal point of SMITE since its inception, but he never got to experience the true glory of battle. This being was treated like a monster. A prisoner, destined to be repeatedly killed for the sport of the gods. Surtr the Fire Giant will finally get his revenge on him.

After a year of peace, the gods of SMITE have once again awakened a great force of destruction. The repeated experience of gruesome death has caused an ascension from the depths, and Surtr has been able to break free from his prison and fight against the gods of SMITE. He will no longer be chained to the mountain on the Conquest Map, Surtr finally walks free! More information here.

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