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The Savior's Gang

A self-proclaimed Savior must travel through numerous ancestral locations guiding his worshipers to reach the promised land. The numerous dangers that these locations present will make it very difficult for all that worshipers to survive.


The Savior's Gang

As supposed savior, it’s your job to guide your followers across the land and over to the promised land! Your followers must make it across the old fields of Jerusalem and the gates of hell, without meeting their end!

Your worshipers could end up dismembered, crushed, burned, drowned or infected, amongst many other undesirable ends. Your success is measured by how many of your followers manage to stay alive in each level. New followers join the survivors in every level, increasing the probability of at least one of them surviving.


  • 17 levels set in several locations.
  • More than 20 ways to die.
  • Levels that are both challenging and difficult.
  • Artistic style that is realistic in terms of appearance and deaths.
  • Intense, fun and tongue-in-cheek storyline.


The Savior’s Gang invites you to play the role of “Savior”, a powerful being who was crucified and now finds himself trapped between the world of mortals and Heaven. Death of this kind provoked the wrath of his father, an almighty dove who consequently unleashed a series of tricks, disasters and dangers unto the world.

The Savior must negotiate with his father to put an end to such catastrophes and to save his followers from all the terrible things that are going down, whilst also trying to save himself from limbo and regain power. To do so, he’s got his best friend Stan (he hates being called Satan) to count on, and the support of his mom and stepdad.


Followers venture through various evolving levels. They will cross the old fields of Jerusalem and the gates of hell, the highest of sacred mountains and the murkiest of caves, scorching deserts and eerie forests. In every one of these locations and levels there are numerous tricks and challenges: contraptions, falling trees, magma eruptions, thin ice…



  • Titel: The Savior's Gang

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  • Udvikler: Catness Game Studios

  • Udgiver: Catness Game Studios (0)


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  • OS: Windows 7 or above

  • CPU: Intel i3

  • RAM: 1 GB

  • GC: Intel HD 3000

  • HDD: 3 GB


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