Lotus arrives, the new VALORANT map

09/01/2023 - 12:14

After weeks of expectations, Riot Games has officially shown what Lotus is like, the new map coming to the game. Although currently some content creators can test it, Riot has confirmed that the new addition to the game has three key characteristics: it is located in India, it has three sites and a new mechanic.

Lotus is a map located in the Western Ghats. The designs are inspired by Dravidian architecture, from Hindu temples, and traditional types of stairs. However, this does not imply that the map is a religious temple. “We wanted to explore the theme of the great adventure, of mysteries lost in time and forgotten ancient structures. Indiana Jones was one of the themes that we were inspired by," said Joe Lansford, designer of VALORANT.

On the other hand, Lotus retains aspects already known in VALORANT such as destructible doors and walls. However, the map adds two big variables: a “silent drop” and revolving doors. With these two novelties, Riot Games continues the renewing trend that it has shown in the releases of the latest maps. Even though Pearl was a more “classic” release, Fracture was a revolution in shooter thanks to its H-shape, zip lines connecting opposing areas, and spawning of defenders.

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