Shattered | Episode 5: Dimension

21/06/2022 - 14:15

Riot Games has revealed Shattered, the new cinematic trailer for Episode 5: Dimension. In it we can enjoy the story of Reyna, Neon and Killjoy fighting against multiple enemies led by Viper in the Kingdom facilities in search of radianite.

Upon entering, Killjoy discovers that what they are looking for is not a weapon but a life support system. At the end of the video, they arrive at the underwater city. The agents discover themselves in a comic book store with their pictures on the shelves.

The underwater city supposedly represents the parallel universe of Lisbon, which was covered with a radianite dome during a climate catastrophe on Omega-Earth. This location was previously revealed as the new Pearl map, coming with Episode 5 on July 12th.

Enjoy the cinematic trailer!

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