Finnish Air Force Day

07/03/2023 - 12:13

The Finnish Air Force was founded on March 6, 1918, shortly after the country declared its independence from the Russian Empire. Their first planes were simply abandoned by the Russian forces. But the Finns had no pilots of their own, so at first, they had to resort to the unofficial help of Swedes, Danes and Russians.

The Finnish Air Force was quite successful in fighting Soviet aircraft during the Winter War, and in World War II it refused to bomb civilian targets. After the signing of the peace treaty with the USSR, Finnish pilots continued to fight in the skies against their former Luftwaffe allies.

To commemorate the founding of this unit, play 3 battles using Swedish aircraft (Rank III or higher, with no less than 70% activity) to receive the "Emblem of the Karelia Air Command" decal. More information here.

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