Get ready to wreak havoc with napalm!

07/06/2022 - 13:55

In the Danger Zone update, a new type of weapon is going to be introduced, the aerial incendiary bombs better known as napalm.

To give you a bit of context, napalm appeared in the US in 1942. It is a mixture of fuel (normally gasoline) with gelling agents of various compositions that increase the combustion time and temperature, and also give the mixture the ability to adhere to various surfaces, even wet. The first military use of incendiary bombs was recorded in 1944 in the territory of France liberated by the Americans.

In War Thunder, incendiary mixes will be a new type of weapon that will be available for high-rank aviation. In the Danger Zone update, some types of American and Soviet-made incendiary bombs will appear in the game. In the future, new types of incendiary bombs will be added for the aviation of different nations in the game.

Take a look here and find out how it all works.

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