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27/12/2022 - 12:17

Dmitry Osatyuk was a tank company commander who fought on the Leningrad Front.

On January 12, 1943, his light tank was cut off from his company by three German heavy tanks against which he could do nothing. Using himself as bait, Osatyuk led the enemy tanks under artillery fire, and then defeated the enemy infantry in close combat, using machine guns, cannons, and the tracks of his tank.

On January 18, his company was the first to meet the troops of the Volkhov Front, thus opening a land corridor to Leningrad and breaking their blockade. On January 21, Osatyuk's tank was destroyed, but he pulled his wounded driver out of the tank to safety and continued fighting in another tank.

Throughout the month, you will have at your disposal 8 tasks that will be unlocked one by one. Completing each task will award a trophy containing a reward, while completing all tasks will grant you a unique in-game player icon. More information here.

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