Assault Operation: Omaha Beach

25/06/2024 - 11:16

Only minutes after the end of the Atlantic Wall Defense mission, the Allied initial assault ships lie stranded in the early morning sea fog. Crews have activated smoke screens and are waiting to be rescued. If the Allied ships take too long to arrive, the smoke will clear and the relentless German planes and ships will try to finish their job. If an allied ship approaches a vessel in distress and loiters for some time near it, the crews will move safely. But beware: the same destroyers that players commanded in the Atlantic Wall Defense Operation will be ready to repel the Allied attack. In addition, German torpedo boats and planes patrol the battlefield, ready to attack any opportune target. As if that weren't enough, German minefields also dot the sea, ready to sink any careless captain.

Even once the allied crews are safe, your job isn't done yet. Invasion landing craft will rush to the beaches, and your job is to make sure they reach their destination intact, but German destroyers are hiding in the fog, ready to attack alongside their torpedo boat allies. Discover all the information by entering here.

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