The Game

Zombie Survivor: Undead City Attack

Travel through iconic cities while taking out waves of zombies. Wield pistols and rifles, and strategize to earn ratings and medals. Enjoy the 90s graphics and protect humanity from extinction!


Zombie Survivor: Undead City Attack

After a covert scientific experiment went wrong, a mysterious deadly virus was released turning everyone in its path into zombies. This plague has spread throughout the world, triggering the zombie apocalypse on all continents and in all countries. The largest cities have now become battlegrounds between the undead and the last surviving zombie killers.

The largest zombie outbreaks occurred in large cities: New York, London, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico, and Johannesburg. Some survivors had to hide in the underground subway tunnels. Your mission is to travel to those places, destroy the zombies in the streets, protect those who were lucky enough to survive, and deliver blood samples to the laboratory to create an antivirus.

Only a few people with a rare gene in their DNA, are immune to the virus and their blood can be used to create a vaccine. While most of the survivors hide underground, the bravest go out to face the zombies in the streets and reach the nearest laboratories to create a vaccine.

Sometimes you will be left alone in the middle of a wave of zombies and your mission will simply be to survive.

In other missions, you will be sitting safely on the roof and your mission will be to protect the scientists or innocent people who were trapped. A good sniper rifle will come in handy!

You are an elite special forces fighter, so you have a huge arsenal at your disposal: pistols, submachine guns, assault and sniper rifles, shotguns, grenades, and armor - everything a zombie killer could ask for! Make sure you are properly equipped!



  • Titel: Zombie Survivor: Undead City Attack

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  • Udvikler: HapGames

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  • OS: Windows XP or later

  • CPU: 1 Ghz

  • RAM: 256 MB

  • GC: OpenGL 2.1 supported GPU

  • HDD: 200 MB


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