All set for Zula’s World Cup at Istanbul: eSports Clubs from all over the world will fight for the title

06/04/2018 - 11:00


The finals with 6 teams fighting for victory will happen this upcoming weekend in Istanbul in a final series that will be streamed in several languages and platforms.


Madrid, April 5th 2018 – The first Zula World Cup is approaching after a qualifying phase in 3 continents with more than 1.300 eSports clubs and teams that have competed in different tournaments and leagues.


The Zula World Cup will be celebrated in Istanbul the 6th and 7th of April at the Point Hotel Barbaros with a local crowd that will stand for their teams. Zula has several play modes such as team death match, sabotage (plant the bomb), DeathMatch, vehicle escort, wanted and others, but the main one loved by all Zula players is Sabotage and what the championship is based on.


IDC/Games, as Zula ‘s Publisher for Europe, is taking the 2 teams qualified in the Zula Europe Pro League that was held during the last 4 months with more than 100 European eSports Teams involved. The teams are Izako Boars from Poland and Vexed Gaming with players based in several countries in Europe.


The full list of teams for the World Cup is:


Izako Boars (Poland), Vexed Gaming (Europe), Black Dragons (Brazil), We Make The Future (Turkey), Youth Crew (Turkey), Ice E-Sports Club (Turkey)








The Zula World Cup will be streamed live on Facebook Zula Europe Fan Page - , Zula Europe Youtube Channel -  and Zula Europe Twitch Channel -  .

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