Fenix Community vs PACT match chronicle

13/12/2018 - 13:00


In the third match of the week 3 of the Zula Europe Pro League Fenix Community Esports faced PACT. The Fenix ​​players were struggling to get their first point in the league, but they were not able to get it since PACT got the victory on both maps.

The games were played in Old Town and Wedding Hall.

In Old Town, PACT started attacking. The Polish players managed to score 5 points during their attack phase before the swap of roles. In contrast, Fenix Community in their attack phase could only break the PACT defense just once. The final result was 10 - 5 in favor of PACT. The best player of the match was narki with a lot of difference getting a KDA of 3 (21/8/3). Special mention must be made of narki's performance, the next player with the most kills was pezeEEk who got 15 murders, 6 less than narki.

In Wedding Hall, happened the same that in Old Town during the attack phase of PACT, they managed to win 5 of the 9 rounds. On the other hand, Fenix ​​Community managed to score two more points in its attack phase, but it was not enough to stop PACT that closed the match with a result of 10 - 7. In this case we have two players with the highest number of kills, oscaaar and pezeEEk with KDAs of 2.22 (17/9/3) and 1.66 (17/12/3) respectively.

PACT has achieved 3 very important points to be placed in the top of the ranking.


Fenix ​​Community vs PACT - Map 1
Fenix ​​Community vs PACT - Map 2

General statistics:


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