Go4 Zula Europe Cup #25 Chronicle

26/10/2017 - 12:04

Hello everyone:

In this post, we leave a chronicle of the Go4 Zula Europe Cup #25:

NETopery won a ticket to quarterfinals by a default win so the round of 16 consisted of 7 magnificent matches:

- Team A VS. Hamsterii Mafioti
- sunRise VS. NxS.RO
- Zio Sciabola VS. Magovi
- PuReUniveers VS. 7eamLiquid
- Team B VS. AdaLeT#NamLuda
- WarMasters VS. Bosilegrad
- OneEightSeven VS. Dominus: ZULA


The teams that made it to the next round (quarterfinals) were: Team A, NxS.RO, Magovi, PuReUniveers, Team B, WarMasters and Dominus: ZULA

In the quarterfinals the following games took place:

- NETopery VS. Team A
- NxS.RO VS. Magovi
- PuReUniveers VS. Team B
- WarMasters VS. Dominus: ZULA

From these eight teams, only four could move to the semifinals: NETopery, NxS.RO, PuReUniveers and Dominus: ZULA.

The semi-finals included the matches between NETopery VS. NxS.RO in which the first team won with a perfect game with a result of 15 to 0, and WarMasters VS. Dominus: ZULA in which the Dominus: ZULA team won by 19 rounds to 16 rounds WarMasters.

And finally, we reached the final between NETopery and Dominus: ZULA, which is played to the best of 3 matches (Bo3). The first match was played in the Northern Iraq with a score of 1 rounds to 15 rounds for NETopery. The second map was in the Wedding Hall won with a result of 15 to 1 round won by NETopery again, giving them the victory in the Go4 Zula Europe Cup #25.

Congratulations to NETopery for winning the Go4 Zula Europe Cup!

Good luck next time to the rest of the teams that fought hard!

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