IDC/Games Championship

16/03/2020 - 12:30

The IDC/Games Championship is here! We are pleased to announce that the definitive competition lands on IDC/Games and in which the best Zula Europe teams will face each other to get a place to travel to Poland and compete in the final LAN to reach first place and become the best team.

How can I apply for a place to participate in the IDC/Games Championship? Easy, you will have to compete! We will be carrying out 8 qualifying tournaments where you will fight for a spot to join the IDC/Games Championship. The winners of these tournaments will obtain a spot to participate in the final tournament whose final will be played in Poland.

A maximum of 16 teams may participate in each tournament and the system used will be double elimination. You will have to sign up your team on the toornament page, but we will also be publishing each of the tournaments weekly so that everyone has the opportunity to join them, but you will have to be up to date!

The tournaments will be played on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Mondays the first phase of the tournament will take place until reaching the semifinals. The two semifinals will be held on Tuesdays and the Grand Final and the match for 3rd place will take place the Wednesdays.

Tournament dates:

- March 30th - April 1st
- April 6th - April 8th
- April 13th - April 15th
- April 20th - April 22nd
- April 27th - April 29th
- May 4th - May 6th
- May 11th - May 13th
- May 18th - May 20th

The final tournament with the 8 winners will be carried out the week of May 25th. The 4 teams that make it to the semifinals will be the ones that will go to Poland to play the grand final of the IDC/Games Championship.

We will be streaming live on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6:00 PM (CET) as usual with our two amazing casters One Strike and RNC.

Qualifer Tournament Rewards:

IDC/Games Championship:

In the final tournament the teams will face each other based on the qualifier tournament in which they obtained their spot:

- 1st classified vs 8th classified
- 2nd classified vs 7th classified
- 3rd classified vs 6th classified
- 4th classified vs 5th classified

The four teams that reach the semifinals will be the ones that go to Poland to play the semifinals and the Grand Final. The structure will be as follows:



Total Prize Pool - € 2,500 + TBA Prizes

- Winner - € 1,500
- 2nd place - € 750
- 3rd place - € 250

In addition, IDC/Games will cover all expenses related to the travel, accommodation and food of the players going to Poland.

During our stay in Poland, we will carry out tournaments of the new IDC/Games titles which will be played by professional players who make it to the face-to-face Grand Final.

IMPORTANT: the date of the IDC/Games finals in Poland is subject to circumstances beyond IDC/Games and the organization and will be communicated based on the current situation.
IMPORTANT: to be able to attend the in-person final the players will have to be of legal age (18 years old) or 16 years old and have an authorization signed by their parents and confirmed with the members of the organization.
IMPORTANT: the conditions of the live broadcasts are subject to the current world situation. Due to current recommendations, it could be the case that the retransmission will not take place or that will be carried out in different circumstances.

See you in Poland!

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