IDC/Games Zula Tournament #3 - Chronicle

26/04/2018 - 17:00


Hello everyone,

In this post we leave you the chronicle of the third edition of the IDC/Games Zula Tournaments.

In the first-round numerous matches took place. Only the matches between Skaikru and Ad`Astra (10 - 5) and between ZeytinDalıHarekatı and Vexed Gaming (5-10) stand out. The other games had overwhelming victories in favor of one of the teams.

In the round of 32 we could enjoy very close matches between several teams. ThinkTwice against inFLAME eSports (5 - 10), SpaceCats`eSports against Team Vision (8 - 10), INFAMOUS GAMING against HATELOVE (8 - 10) or NeverQuit against R Team! (10 - 8).

In the round of 16 all the matches were decided in favor of one of the teams with absolute victories excerpt the one between NeverQuit and |KORKUSUZ| (6 - 10).

In the quarterfinals there were not many surprises. Team Vision, Izako Boars, Skaikru and Vexed Gaming advanced to the semifinals without showing a modicum of compassion for their rivals.

The semifinals were very exciting.

In the case of Team Vision against Izako Boars, the Polish team won in the first two maps (Refugee’s Camp and Northern Iraq) with results of 10 - 0 in both games.

On the other hand, Skaikru against Vexed Gaming was very balanced, and the 3 maps had to be played. The first game took place in Old Town and Skaikru crushed Vexed Gaming with a 10 - 1 victory with a superb performance by Synergy with 13 kills, 4 deaths and 0 assists (KDA 3.25). The second map was Favela and allowed us to enjoy one of the most evenly-matched matches to date, even though Vexed Gaming only had 4 players. In this case the entire Vexed Gaming team performed a stellar performance beating Skaikru with a score of 22 - 19. It is worth mentioning the performance of efGG that massacred the Skaikru team with 44 kills, 10 assists and 27 deaths (KDA 2.00). We must also mention fredzRr, who executed an almost perfect defense of the bridge to the point of B. The third map took place in Lake with a result of 10 - 5 in favor of Skaikru with a magnificent performance by Synergy with 17 kills, 2 assists and 6 deaths (KDA 3.16).

In the final Izako Boars and Skaikru faced each other. The Polish team won in the first two maps (Northern Iraq and China) with results of 10 - 7 and 10 - 1 respectively. It should be noted that Skaikru stood up to the world champions on the first map. If they continue training, they can become a threat to Izako Boars.

See you on the battlefield!

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