x6tence vs Fenix Community Esports match chronicle

07/12/2018 - 13:00


We arrived at the third game of the second week in which we were able to enjoy the confrontation between two Spanish organizations, x6tence and Fenix Community Esports. Both teams had a lot at stake in this match since the three points were the key to leave the bottom part of the ranking.

The games were played in China and Favela.

In China we could see a very close match. Both teams carried out very good performances in attack and defense forcing an overtime to let us know the winner. In the defense phase of x6tence, the aliens lost 5 rounds, so they got 4 victorious defenses. In the swap of roles, the same thing happened, but conversely, Fenix players lost another 5 rounds with 4 defenses won, which led to the overtime. In the first part of the overtime, x6 managed to win 2 of the 3 rounds and they only needed 2 more in the second part to win with a result of 13 - 11. The best player of the match was Eternal, who despite the defeat of his team, showed his great quality obtaining a KDA of 1.68 (23/16/4). Based on the performances of all players we can make it clear that x6tence is a block in which all players contribute their bit.

In the second map we traveled to Brazilian lands to enjoy the first match of the Zula Europe Pro League played in Favela. x6tence started as an attacking team getting 7 rounds in attack, something amazing and that shows the great performance of the aliens on this map. In their turn of defense they did not fit any round and reached the victory with a crushing result of 10 - 2. Flashwood and noWAY were the best players of the match, with KDAs of 3 (12/5/3) and 2.16 (12/6/1) respectively.

In conclusion, we can say that x6tence has warmed up in the Zula Europe Pro League getting 3 key points in this match that makes them leave the bottom part of the ranking. Fenix Community, despite leaving good feelings, has not been able to get any points in the league, but they will continue fighting for it.


x6tence vs Fenix ​​Community Esports - Recap
x6tence vs Fenix ​​Community Esports - Map 1
x6tence vs Fenix ​​Community Esports - Map 2

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