Zula Europe Championship

08/02/2019 - 17:00


Greetings Esports fans!

After the Zula ESL Major League, we will hold a tournament in which two spots to participate in the ZWC 2019 Qualifier will be put into play.

Tournament features:

- 16 Teams. The participating teams in the Zula Europe Pro League and the Zula ESL Major League will have priority. Once these teams are signed up (if they want), the sign up will be opened for the rest of teams. The selection will be carried out based on the sign-up order.
- All the matches will be Bo3 (best of 3)
- Veto system:

1. Team 1 - Ban
2. Team 2 - Ban
3. Team 1 - Choose Map | Team 2 - Choose Side
4. Team 2 - Choose Map | Team 1 - Choose Side
5. Last map - The team that wins the most rounds in the two previous matches Choose Side

- There will be Winner Bracket and Loser Bracket so that all the teams have the same opportunities.
- No live streaming will be carried out.

Tournament dates:

- 11/03/2019: round of 16
- 12/03/2019: quarterfinals and first phase of the Loser Bracket
- 13/03/2019: semi-finals and second phase of the Loser Bracket
- 14/03/2019: final and last phase of the Loser Bracket.


1 -> 100,000 Zula Gold per player + Spot for the ZWC 2019 Qualifier.
2 -> 50,000 Zula Gold per player + Spot for the ZWC 2019 Qualifier.
3 -> 30,000 Zula Gold per player
4 - 8 -> 20 Platinum Decks
9 -16 -> 10 Platinum Decks

You can check all the information here.

See you on the battlefield!

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