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27/06/2019 - 17:00


The 5th week of the Zula Europe Pro League 2019 Summer Split in which we have been able to enjoy very interesting matches since several teams had a lot at stake has already taken place.

- Black Claw vs ACTINA PACT

This confrontation has been without any doubt the most intense of all the Zula Europe Pro League 2019 Summer Split. The first match took place in China. The start of the match has been very intense since none of the teams gave up. We reached the swap of roles with a result of 5 - 4 for ACTINA PACT. Miketsh and v1lczek were the most important players of their teams so far with 10 and 11 kills respectively. During the ACTINA PACT defense turn, Black Claw had a hard time in the early rounds, but they finally concentrated enough to force the overtime. Miketsh and v1lczek were again the top scorers of their teams with 22 and 21 kills respectively. We needed 3 overtimes to know the winner of the first map that finally was ACTINA PACT with a result of 19 - 17. Special mention must be made about the performance of Miketsh who got a KDA of 2.18 (42/22/6) being the player with more kills of his team. The second map has been Wedding Hall. The team that started attacking was ACTINA PACT. Everything was very close all the time and we reached the swap of roles with a result of 5 - 4 for Black Claw. On the part of Black Claw everything was very well-balanced since SELISTIC, FUNIOK, 4193726 and Miketsh got 7 kills each, however, on the part of ACTINA PACT, Oscar was the leader with 11 kills. Later, in Black Claw's attack turn, everything was again very close and the match had to be decided in the second overtime. ACTINA PACT was the team that reached the victory thanks to the great performance of YouBreak that obtained a KDA of 1.52 (28/23/7).


- NETopery vs X6TENCE

The first match took place in Favela, where the bats danced samba really well and managed to win easily. NETopery started attacking and managed to reach the swap of roles with a result of 8 - 1. Incredible left sample of its great quality in the 3rd round getting 4 kills in the blink of an eye. Finally, NETopery closed the game with a favorable result of 10 - 2. The second map was Old Town. On this map X6TENCE seemed to wake up from its lethargy reaching a score of 8 - 8. But finally, NETopery closed the game with their victory by 10 - 8. Synergy was the top scorer of X6TENCE with a KDA of 1.38 (17/13/ 1) and Incredible got a KDA of 2.00 (16/11/6). The NETopery player has made clear again why he is still the current MVP of the Zula World Cup having led his team in both maps.


- Warthox Esport vs Mercury Esports

In this match there was a lot at stake since both teams had the same points in the ranking. The first map of this match has been Old Town. During his attack Warthox dominated and managed to reach the swap of roles with a favorable result of 7 - 2 with Lightus as top scorer. In his later turn of attack, Mercury Esports carried out good strategies, but they were not enough to avoid the defeat with a result of 10 - 3. We must mention the clutch 1 against 4 that Swampie carried out in the 11th round. The player with most kills was Lightus who got a KDA of 3.16 (17/6/2). The second map was Wedding Hall. Warthox dominated the map and got the victory with a result of 10 - 4 despite some great plays from Putak in the 3rd round who 4 kills and Swampie in the 9th round who also got 4 kills. The player with more kills was Lightus again with a KDA of 2.42 (17/7/0).


- PRIDE vs For The Win Esports

In this match PRIDE has once again made clear that they want to be at the top of the ranking and that their players have formed a very solid block. The first map was China. In this map we have seen the first 10 - 0 of the league, in this case favorable to PRIDE. We have to mention a couple of plays carried out by mtzn1 that got 4 kills in the 3rdround and, in the 5th round, he showed his cold blood and got a murder with his melee weapon, the Karambit. The top scorer of the match was mtzn1 who got an impressive KDA of 8.00 (15/2/1). The second map was Old Town. It seemed that For The Win woke up a bit and managed to score 3 rounds before falling defeated with a result of 10 t- 3. Again, and as we are used to, PRIDE players used very well the grenades on this map. The top scorer of this match was luxon1337 who got a KDA of 5.25 (18/4/3).




MVP of the week:


The next matches that we will be able to enjoy next week are the following:


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