Zula Europe Pro League Qualifier Tournaments

01/10/2018 - 13:00


Dear all,

In this post we show you all the information related with the Zula Europe Pro League Qualifier Tournaments.

We will carry out 6 Qualifier Tournaments in total. In all of them the winner team will win a spot to participate in the Zula Europe Pro League together with Izako Boars and PENTA Sports that already have one due to their qualification for the Zula International Cup. 

The teams already qualified for the Zula Europe Pro League will not be able to participate in these tournaments.

In each tournmanet 32 teams will be able to play. They will be the first 32 teams signing in when we announce it.

All the pairings will be done randomly.

Once the registration is closed, we won't allow any modification in the team. Nor team name, nor players name, nor change a player for another one. If a player signs up with his name wrongly written, he will be automatically disqualified, with no possibility of signing up again if the registration is closed. The same will happen to players who change their names once signed in. If you want to change the name, do it before or after the tournament. Please, do not add any symbol before the username.

IMPORTANT: All the players participating should be residents in Europe. If a foreign user is found, he will be disqualified for all the Zula Europe Pro League Qualifier Tournaments. Also if a team wins the tournament and reach the spot for the Zula Europe Pro League, all the members will have to send us their personal information and their identity card. If one member of the winner team is foreign, the full team will be disqualified and will not be able to participate in the next Zula Europe Pro League Qualifier Tournaments. If this happens, the other finalist will be the one winning the spot for the Zula Europe Pro League.


- Qualifier Tournament #1: 9th and 10th October from 18:00 (CET)
- Qualifier Tournament #2: 16th and 17th October from 18:00 (CET)
- Qualifier Tournament #3: 22nd and 23rd October from 18:00 (CET)
- Qualifier Tournament #4: 30th and 31st October from 18:00 (CET)
- Qualifier Tournament #5: 6th and 7th November from 18:00 (CET)
- Qualifier Tournament #6: 13th and 14th November from 18:00 (CET)


- Winner: 1 Spot for Zula Europe Pro League + 250,000 Zula Gold per player.
- 2nd: 150,000 Zula Gold per player.
- 3rd and 4th: 100,000 Zula Gold per player.
- From 5th to 8th: 50,000 Zula Gold per player.

Game mode:

- Sabotage 5 VS 5
- The condition of victory will be win 10 rounds.
- Time per round: 2 minutes and 15 seconds.
- In case of a tie, there will be an untie automatically (The same until a team break the tie).

Players per team:

- 5 + 1 reserve (optional).
VERY IMPORTANT: To begin a match, there must be 5 players on a team, if not the team will be disqualified.
VERY IMPORTANT: Each player can only play in one team. If a user is found signed up in 2 teams he will be disqualified. If a team sign up a player without him knowing it and he contact us reporting this bad practice, the team that did it will be disqualified.


- Round of 32, Round of 16 and quarterfinals will be played Bo1. Semifinals and Final will be played Bo3.


1st team is the team placed in the upper seed
2nd team is the team placed in the lower seed 

- Bo1 Veto: Teams should begin the veto when they are in the room. This way when the GM joins the room will be able to launch it.

1st team: ban
2nd team: ban
1st team: ban
2nd team: ban
1st team: pick side (last map)

- Bo3

1st team: ban
2nd team: ban
1st team: pick map - 2nd team: pick side
2nd team: pick map - 1st team: pick side
1st team: pick side (last map)


- During this tournament, you can use every item of the game.

Results and MOSS Files:

- The result (screenshot) and the MOSS files should be uploaded by the users. IMPORTANT: Both teams should upload these files (Winner and Loser) in order to check them. If a team doesn't upload them, it will be punished and will not be able to participate in other Zula Europe Pro League Qualifier Tournaments.
IMPORTANT: It should be uploaded just when the match finishes.


IMPORTANT: all players must read carefully the rules written below.
IMPORTANT: If a team is disqualified of a tournament by the GMs or for fail to carry out a rule they will not be able to participate in a tournament on the next 30 days.
VERY IMPORTANT: Account sharing or cheating is totally forbidden and will be punished if we find this kind of bad practices. For more information, check this post.

- Only the double boost is allowed. Any other type of boost will be penalized with disqualification. This will also be applied in cases where there are textures that disappear.
- Each team may have a maximum of 2 snipers (with the option to pick up the sniper rifles of the rival team).
- IMPORTANT:  players have to create the rooms. Firstly check if your room is created or not. If it is already created, just enter there. If not create it with these settings:
     - Name: "[ROUND] TEAM 1 vs TEAM 2" (always based on the order of the bracket. The team placed above on the bracket should be on the left side in the room name and the team below on the right side).
     - Game Type: Sabotage
     - Map: Scheduled by IDC/Games
     - Player Count: 8v8 (so a GM can enter the room)
     - Match/Round Time: 2:15 minutes
     - Winning condition: 10 Rounds
     - Game Type: Normal
     - Limitations: Normal
     - Team Balance: None
     - Join Ongoing Matches: Yes
- The matches will take place in the e-Sports arena Server.
- The tournament will have a max. of 32 teams.
- Every match will be launched by a GM once all the players are in the room. If a match begins without the referee's authorization, all the players will be disqualified.
- Players need to be in their room 10 minutes before start.
- There will be a max. waiting time of 10 minutes.
- The winner teams should stay in the eSports Arena Server to continue with the tournament as soon as possible.
- We will not answer questions referent to the rules. If a player doesn't know the rules, he can be disqualified depending of the situation.

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