Zula Europe Pro League week 3 chronicle

14/12/2018 - 13:00


This week 3 of the Zula Europe Pro League has left us magnificent confrontations with impressive plays carried out by our Pro Players. All the clashes have been very tight. We have seen two victories and two draws.

This week's matches have been the following and you have a summary of each one:

Izako Boars vs x6tence Recap
PRIDE vs Pompa Team Recap
- Fenix Community Esports vs PACT Recap
PENTA Sports vs VirtuE Recap

In the first match between Izako Boars and X6tence it has become clear that Izako Boars are the rival to beat for all the teams since they keep getting overwhelming victories whatever the rival is. In China, the first map, the x6tence players successfully defended 4 of the 9 rounds of their defense turn arriving at the swap of roles with a result of 4 - 5 against, but Izako Boars did not fit any round against in their turn of defense closing the match with a result of 4 to 10. In Favela, the second map selected, Izako Boars proved once again that they are the best players in the world on this map. x6tence could not defend any of the attacks of Izako Boars, so the game ended with a result of 1 to 10 in favor of Izako Boars. All the players of Izako Boars are performing stellar performances, but we must emphasize that ERMAC is leading his team in this edition of the Zula Europe Pro League.

The second match took place between PRIDE and Pompa Team. In China, the eagles began defending and were able to stop 4 of the 9 attacks of the ghosts, arriving at the swap of roles with a result of 5 - 4 in their favor. Pompa Team also carried out a good performance in their turn of defense, but in the key round to force the overtime, the eagles closed the game with a score of 10 - 8. In Old Town, Pompa Team managed to win PRIDE. The key was that in their turn to attack the ghosts found the way to cross the defense of the eagles closing the game with a result 10 - 7 in their favor. The match ended with a draw. A very important point for PRIDE, which got their first point in the Zula Europe Pro League.

The third match was carried out by Fenix Community Esports and PACT. The Polish players managed to score 5 points during their attack phase before the swap of roles, but Fenix ​​Community could only break PACT’s defense once during their attack phase. The final result was 10 - 5 in favor of PACT. In Wedding Hall, the same it happened the same that in Old Town in the attack phase of PACT, they managed to win 5 of the 9 rounds. In contrast, Fenix ​​Community managed to score two more points in its attack phase, but it was not enough for PACT to close the game with a result of 10 - 7.

The last game of this week was between PENTA Sports and VirtuE. In Wedding Hall the players of PENTA Sports proved their mastery in this map reaching the victory in 6 rounds of the 9 of their attack phase getting a very favorable result to defend in the attack rounds of VirtuE. VirtuE carried out a magnificent performance in its attack phase, but it was not enough for the PENTA Sports team to close the game with a final result of 10 - 7. In Old Town, VirtuE managed to surprise obtaining a victory that made a lot of damage to PENTA Sports in regards to their position in the league's overall standings. Even though PENTA Sports managed to win 6 of the 9 rounds of their defense phase, they could not get through to their attack phase and let the victory slip in this match with a result of 10 - 7 against.

The MVP of week 3 has been narki. Thanks to his magnificent plays was the key to victory for his team:


The Zula Europe Pro League raking is led by Izako Boars followed closely by PENTA Sports and PACT:


Next week we can continue enjoying the Zula Europe Pro League with the following matches:


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