Zula World Cup - Final Chronicle

13/04/2018 - 10:00


Hello everyone!

We came to the chronicle of the Zula World Cup Grand Final.

The teams that made it to the final were WeMakeTheFuture, representing Turkey, and Izako Boars, representing Europe.

The final was played to the best of 5 (Bo5) and the map selection was as follows:

1. Refugee Camp
2. China
3. Favela
4. Wedding Hall
5. Old Town

The first game was very tight, having to carry out two tiebreaks to discover the winner. In this game all the players of both teams carried out very good performances being Miketsh the MVP of the match with 29 kills, 8 assists and 16 deaths (KDA 2.31) followed by Doxiu with 28 kills, 3 assists and 19 deaths (KDA 1.63). On the part of WMTF, the two best players were AnarchyMF# with 23 kills, 7 assists and 28 Deaths (KDA 1.07) and CixEd with 23 kills, 5 assists and 23 deaths (KDA 1.21). Miketsh made a great play in round 6 killing 4 enemies on his own and getting the victory in that round. The final result was 16 - 14 for Izako Boars. We can say that this game is one of the best Zula games so far reaching 2 overtimes.

In the second game, in China, the game was not so close, moving to the side of Izako Boars with a result of 10 - 6. In this case, Doxiu with 19 kills, 0 assists and 9 deaths (KDA 2.11) and Incredible with 17 kills, 2 assists and 10 deaths (KDA 1.9) completely dominated the Turkish team, winning in only 16 rounds. On this map the magnificent execution of Doxiu with his Kar98 was the key to finish with WMTF.

The third game took place in Favela. On this map Izako Boars started defending almost perfectly, getting an 8 - 1 result in the defense phase, which meant that with 2 more rounds they would become world champions. In the attack phase they achieved these two rounds in a surprising way due to the map in which the game was taking place defending is easier than attacking. In this case Incredible and ERMAC were the best players with 17 kills, 2 assists and 3 deaths (KDA 6.33) and 12 kills, 1 assistance and 4 deaths (KDA 3.25) respectively. It should be noted that in this map Incredible played as a second sniper for Izako Boars doing an impeccable performance with the Kar98 as can be seen by the magnificent KDA he obtained.


Congratulations to Izako Boars, the World Champions representing Zula Europe! And congratulations to the players: Incredible, ERMAC, barteklewl, Doxiu and Miketsh!


Video: Zula World Cup – Final

See you on the battlefield!

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