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Counter Ops: Blackout Assault

Counter Ops: Blackout Assault is an FPS where you will fight against terrorists. Defuse bombs, rescue hostages, act fast, and race against the clock! Take part in intense battles and become the hero everyone needs!


Counter Ops: Blackout Assault

Counter Ops: Blackout Assault is an action-packed FPS game in which you will fight terrorists. You will play a soldier who will have to complete all the missions in different places using different weapons to achieve them. Defuse bombs, rescue hostages, and thwart enemy plans!

In the heat of battle, you will need every bit of your skill and courage to emerge victorious. Get ready for a fast-paced, adrenaline-filled confrontation, where every step counts.

It's time to unleash chaos! When the smoke clears and the dust settles, only the boldest warriors will remain. Grab your gear, assemble your squad, and prepare for an all-out war where survival means mastering the art of war.

One shot, one death. Become the best sniper. You will need nerves of steel and an unwavering gaze. Take on the role of an elite sniper and prove that a single well-taken shot can change the course of battle.

Get into the heart of the action as you apply the devastating power of your shotgun. With each press of the trigger, you will tear through your enemies, leaving nothing but chaos in your wake. The battlefield is your canvas and your shotgun is the paintbrush: paint it red.


  • More than 20 unique missions.
  • 4 locations including cargo ships, smuggling tunnels, terrorist camps, and storage units.
  • 11 upgradable weapons with classics from yesteryear.
  • 6 secret missions.
  • Challenging time-based objectives.

Neutralize terrorists in different regions, defuse bombs, rescue hostages, and more. The clock is ticking, so act fast to earn the highest reward!



  • Titel: Counter Ops: Blackout Assault

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  • Udvikler: Merla Games

  • Udgiver: Merla Games (0)


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  • OS: Windows XP or later

  • CPU: 1 Ghz

  • RAM: 256 MB

  • GC: OpenGL 2.1 supported GPU

  • HDD: 200 MB


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